Loving Your Neighbor With Pumpkins?


Beautiful Teal Pumpkins

I was out shopping with my daughter-in-law and grandson at a local craft store recently when I saw these beautiful teal pumpkins. They caught my eye, so I quickly took a picture with the thought that I might write a blog post about them. All kinds of ideas ran through my mind. Why are these teal? Are there other colors? Why would anyone want these? And it didn’t take long to make the connection that these are displayed on porches of those who have non-food items to share for those children who visit on October 31st. You know, those cute or scary little people who come for candy.

Mixed Feelings about Halloween

I have mixed feelings about Halloween. At some point in our lives we participated and abstained from Halloween. As children and teenagers, we enjoyed dressing up, going on hay rides, bobbing for apples, etc., never once thinking about participating in evil. As a new parent, I was excited to dress up my little ones to enjoy the same activities I did as a child. My children participated until I became concerned (mostly due to peer pressure) that they might get caught up in the evil undertow of the event.

At one point, we gave away candy and tracts to children, but did not allow our children to participate like other kids. It was confusing. Did we agree or disagree with this event? So, we decided not to participate and just keep things low key. I remember sitting in a dark house waiting for the evening to end. Sometimes we went out for dinner and other times we watched a fun movie with the kids. I still decorated the house to look like fall and bought all their favorite candies. They got to have a fun night and the candy- just none of the hassle. But, that also meant that we did not interact with our neighbors. Well, except for one. I always kept a little stash for her when she came by- but it was understood not to come by after dark because my door was locked.

Prime Time to Interact with Others

You may believe that October 31st should not be observed at all. Perhaps you choose to enjoy some alternate fall activities around that time. You may even enjoy all the festivities that the day offers with your family. God gives you wisdom to make the right choices for your family.  Sure, there are church activities and other fun events we can invite folks to. They provide safe environments, and that might be more comfortable for you. We didn’t have those options when my kids were younger. As you pray about these things, please do ponder this: this is a prime time to interact with others. Have we sequestered ourselves so tightly into our own cocoons that we can’t fly? How can we reach our neighbors if we never open our doors for them?

At home today, I have the opportunity to show love to my neighbors by placing a teal pumpkin at my door. The child who struggles with food allergies has the option to enjoy a fun activity without the risk of getting sick. What a great way to minister to a child and his parents! Who knows what other doors may open by my opening my own door on this day?

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