I Love a New Box of Crayons!

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I love a brand new box of crayons. My youngest son is going to celebrate his 22nd birthday, but I still purchase new boxes of crayons at the beginning of every school year. Why? I can’t help myself! Having been a classroom teacher for many years, it has become a habit. But more than that, I love to see the potential in a brand new box of crayons. Every color is new, freshly sharpened, and just waiting to be used at the will of the artist. What a beautiful picture of a new school year.
My teacher friends are getting ready to finish out the school year, as well as many of my homeschool friends. Now children are being assessed to see if they are ready to move on to more advanced material. Depending on the assessment, the child may need some remediation or some extra practice. But as the school year is finishing up, parents and teachers begin to think about goals and objectives for next year.
Back to that box of crayons. We shop in the summer for the back to school sales and we look for notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, etc. as we plan the activities and lessons for our students and children. The anticipation is exciting, and God gives us a renewed joy for teaching another year.
Homeschool convention season has just started and I see the same looks in some of your eyes- that new box of crayons look. You’re excited about your child’s potential and you’re looking for materials to use to teach your child. It thrills my heart to see your dedication and sincerity as you search for what you need to meet your child’s needs. Sometimes I see the other look. The look of overwhelm. Maybe the “pencil box full of used and broken crayons” look. That please help me, I’m overwhelmed look.
Be encouraged, dear friend. God works in the ups and downs of educating our children. Pray for guidance, educate yourself, check out reputable resources, and rest in the peace that He gives renewed hope and grace. Every day is a new box of crayons, so to speak. If you need some encouragement or guidance, contact me and I can lead you toward someone who is dedicated to encouraging homeschool moms. If you’re a classroom teacher, be assured that I am praying for you as you finish the course this school year. Praise God for what He has done, and keep seeing the potential in the remaining time you have to influence and teach these precious children. Let me know how I can encourage you. I’m proud of you!

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