9.11.2001 The Day That Terrorism Became Our New Reality

Terrorism was the furthest thing from my thoughts or reality that day. I will never forget that historic day. It was a Tuesday. We usually had chapel on Tuesday mornings. … Continue Reading →

Fidgety Kids?

Fidgety Kids? I had the privilege of teaching several different grade levels over the years. In the most recent school where I taught, we had 5 of each grade level, … Continue Reading →

Help with Spelling

So, your child is doing a writing project and is moving along well, when suddenly she asks, “Mom, how do you spell..?” You politely spell the word for her and … Continue Reading →

Love, Love, Love

  Ahhh, Valentine’s Day! It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Hey, isn’t that a Christmas song? Well, it is, but it fits this occasion as well.  Anyone who … Continue Reading →